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Changlong Intelligence Create,Global Concentration ( Focus On Creating World-Class Stretch Film Equipment )


Changlongxing Science and Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as [Chang Long") is a Hong Kong-funded enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacture of cast film production line. It was founded in Hong Kong and has been steadily developed for more than 30 years. It has now developed into a With Hong Kong companies as export windows, Changlong Yangjiang Industrial Park and Yangjiang Electroplating Company are production bases. Shenzhen Company as a corporate group headquartered in the company is the first national high-tech enterprise in the industry.

"Committed to building a world-class cast stretch film equipment" is the company's constant mission, "integrity-based, scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" is the company's consistent aim,"Quality for survival, integrity to development" is the business philosophy that the company always adheres to.

Changlong has continuously increased its investment in science and technology and technological transformation, and strengthened the school-enterprise cooperation talents introduction strategy. It has achieved remarkable results in the Cast stretch film machine manufacturing industry. The nation`s sales have ranked first for ten consecutive years. The products are exported to Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. , Southeast Asia, more than 80 countries and regions.

Changlong's efficient and high-quality after-sales service has won customers' admiration and admiration, and established friendly trade relations and partnerships with customers.
A benign enterprise realizes "create together, win together and share". Mr. Xu, chairman of the company, stated: [Any enterprise can not be built on the basis of destroying the legal system, destroying the environment, endangering the interests of customers and endangering the interests of employees, but it should be based on a [benign enterprise". To provide valuable products and services to the market, employees and partners have been able to develop, and companies have been able to grow. Changlong's steady development so far has relied on a sincere heart." [In the cast film equipment industry, Chang Long is a famous brand at home and abroad, we hope to lead China's cast film equipment to the international market, increase market share, and create an international brand that belongs to China. In the cast film industry, Changlong provides customers with powerful equipment support to help Many customers break through the bottleneck and help customers explore the international market, so that their business can be upgraded to a higher level,general manager " WenChan said.

It is used by talents from all over the world. To quote an old Chinese saying,[ If you want to plan for a year, it is better to plant grain; if you want to plan for ten years, it is better to plant trees; if you want to have a long-term, it is best to cultivate talents." Throughout the ages, talent is the first resource. As an enterprise that develops in accordance with the group, if it wants to develop steadily for a long time, can`t without talents explore and cultivate. In recent years, Changlong has successively established alliances with Guangdong University of Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, Yangjiang Vocational and Technical College and many other institutions of higher learning to establish a cooperation strategy for production, research and development, and signed a cooperation agreement on the introduction of talents. Currently, Changlong has established a professional cooperation with Yangjiang. The college has conducted in-depth cooperation with the introduction of more than 30 graduates in 2017 and 2018.

Changlong is scientific, modern, and humane in human resource management. While developing innovative talents, the company adheres to the concept of talented people who [do their best, make the best use of it, and use it". Respect talent, respect employee's labor, respect employee's knowledge, respect employee's creation; love and protect talents, create comfortable and clean work environment and warm living environment for employees, protect employees' physical and mental health, avoid employees' worries; cultivate talents, and pay attention to the potential of employees Development, internal development of a good training system and competition mechanism, to provide employees with a broad development platform; achievement of talent, the company is willing to help employees achieve personal value, in the career planning of employees, companies give adequate guidance and support and help.
Technological innovation, embark on an international journey of intelligence. Changlong won the national high-tech enterprise in 2013 and was also the first national high-tech enterprise in the industry. The company has mastered the core technologies and has 2 invention patents, 40 utility model patents and 17 software copyrights. In the cast film industry, Changlong strives to be a leader in the technological innovation of equipment, "inheriting craftsmanship and manufacturing craftsmanship." In 2000, Changlong successfully manufactured the first cast film device with a melt metering pump in China; in 2017, it cooperated with Gefran to develop an integrated intelligent temperature control system. Changlong became the world's top three in the machinery industry. The first company in China is also the exclusive manufacturer of this technology in cast film equipment. Changlong officially embarked on an international journey of intelligent equipment.

Technological innovation is the driving force behind the development of the company and brings more value to customers. The use of a screw in combination with a melt metering pump in a cast film extruder can result in a significant increase in the efficiency of the entire production line. Under the condition of ensuring stable output of the material, the product quality and extrusion output can be improved, and the unit energy consumption can be reduced. , Energy saving, environmental protection, extend the life of the whole machine. The use of intelligent temperature control system is a revolutionary revolution of the cast film equipment. It has flexible and efficient production formula management, real-time record production log management and production quality traceability management, with greatly simplified operation steps, saving machine debugging time , For customers to improve production efficiency; unique temperature control technology can automatically start the pre-heating mode partition and energy consumption load distribution function, further reduce production costs for customers, save costs; the device also has remote interconnection operation, can be pushed to the cloud Real-time data helps our customers' intelligent factory manufacturing.
Scientific management, "one-stop" vertical production services. Changlong has forward-looking management concepts. In 2013, the company has an innovative concept of integrated management. It uses the most advanced ERP management information system at the time to integrate management of materials, resources, and information resources for the company; We used the upgraded version of the ERP system, the Kingdee K3 CLOUD in 2017, is able to implement data collection in the cloud to achieve scientific and effective digital modern management for the enterprise, and can perform remote access and business processing at any time.Changlong is also the only manufacturer in the industry with a [one-stop" vertical production line. As early as 2014, Changlong invested in the establishment of [Changlong Science and Technology (Yangjiang) Co., Ltd." and [Yangjiang Changlong Electroplating Co., Ltd.", which are dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of cast film equipment and research and innovation of metal surface treatment technologies.

Intelligent plant:

manufacturing shop

CNC machining center

The company has a complete production line from equipment procurement of raw materials to high-quality intelligent equipment R & D and design, to a variety of high-precision parts processing and equipment metal surface plating, and then intelligent equipment assembly. Strict control of each process, each part of the processing technology, materials and precision, to ensure product quality and delivery time.

electroplating factory

Changlong also supports efficient and high-quality after-sales services. The company has many years of professional after-sales service team, strict after-sales training process with cloud data management system, can help customers solve problems in a timely and efficient manner. After-sales training of enterprises not only strictly requires the team to fully understand the business knowledge, the characteristics of the equipment and even the components, but also requires the team to have a meticulous, patient, sincere service attitude and selfless, full of positive energy service spirit.
Craftsmanship: The combination of technology and art. The ingenuity is the pursuit of extraordinary design by craftsmen, the pursuit of superb innovative skills, the pursuit of the best quality, away from the embarrassment, and spare no effort to produce a perfect product. "Let the technology be more artistic." Chang Long firmly believes that technology and art are inseparable, both in the design of equipment and the design of equipment components. Changlong designers combine mechanical engineering with artistic aesthetics to create a harmonious resonance between plastic arts and functionality. Under the premise of embodying the aesthetics of the equipment, it is ensured that the internal parts of the equipment are matched and positioned so that the unit can achieve optimal operation.

In terms of appearance design, the designer has [outstanding achievements" and outlined Changlong`s high-end atmospheric equipment modeling curves. The company believes that the R&D and design of parts and components is also crucial, and there is a slight deviation in the design of the parts, which will affect the stable operation of the entire unit. The Changlong engineer who pursued perfection and perfection had passed many tests and verifications, eventually achieving high-precision and golden ratio components. The fully enclosed advanced hard chrome technology introduced in Germany further optimizes the performance of parts and components and extends the life of components and complete machines.
Under the background of promoting [Industry 4.0" throughout the country and even around the world, building intelligent factories and realizing intelligent production are the only way for companies to develop. In the future development process, Changlong will continue to innovate on the road of seeking differentiation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, enhance the ability of independent innovation, actively seek breakthroughs based on its own positioning and advantages, and continuously promote the reform and upgrade of the cast film equipment industry, thereby enhancing brand value and international influence.

Business Type:Manufacturer
Product Range:Plastic Extruders
Products/Service:Stretch Film Machinery , Cast Film Machinery , Protective Film Machinery , Embossing Film Machinery , Cling Film Machinery , Rewinding Slitter Machinery
Certificate:CE , ISO9001
Company Address:No.9,ChuangYe R.d.The Third ShuiTian Comnunity,ShiYan Office,BaoAn District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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