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Home > News > In 2018, the Linyi exhibition was perfect ending, and the popularity of Changlong Machinery Group reached a new high!

In 2018, the Linyi exhibition was perfect ending, and the popularity of Changlong Machinery Group reached a new high!


Within 3 days, the 3rd China Linyi International Plastics Industry Expo, in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, the state of ceremonies, the beautiful Shandong Linyi, known as the national civilized city, is a perfect ending! Changlong Machinery Group's popularity during the exhibition reached a new high!the Linyi exhibition 2018 - ChangLong Stretch Film Equipmentthe Linyi exhibition 2018 - ChangLong Stretch Film Equipment

High-tech smart equipment, standard for successful people

In this exhibition, Changlong Machinery Group show a new high-end pe Cast stretch film machine: CL-65/100/80C high-tech intelligent automatic three-layer/five-layer co-extruded cast film unit, ushered in super popularity, igniting many old and new Customer's purchase enthusiasm!

In just three days, we signed six large-unit order contracts, which is not only the best proof that Changlong is leading the sales in the industry, but also the symbol of Changlong brand's strong strength!

Changlong equipment has a long-standing reputation in the industry , high productivity, energy saving, easy operation and efficient after-sales service and high technology. Changlong cast Stretch Film Machine is the perfect combination of high-tech and high-end design. In appearance, it is designed by professional designers using aesthetic concepts. In the internal configuration, it adopts imported materials and combines domestic and foreign advanced technology to develop and manufacture. In 2017, cooperated with ITALY GEFRAN, the intelligent temperature control system was developed, making Changlong the top three in the world. The first company in China to exclusively apply this technology on cast film equipment, Changlong officially embarked on the international GEFRAN of intelligent manufacturing.

As early as 2014, Changlong Investment established Changlong Technology (Yangjiang) Co., Ltd. and Yangjiang Changlong Electroplating Co., Ltd. as the production base and electroplating base. From the procurement of raw materials for equipment and the design and development of high-quality intelligent equipment, to the processing of various high-precision parts and equipment, metal surface plating, and the assembly of intelligent equipment, they are all completed by themselves. Strictly control the process, the processing technology, material and precision of each component to ensure product quality and delivery time.

The exhibition is lively and extraordinarythe Linyi exhibition 2018 - ChangLong Stretch Film EquipmentThe exhibition is lively and extraordinary

Mr. Sha was interviewed by Shandong Radio as one of the representatives of practicing entrepreneurs.Mr. Sha - the general manager of changlong

On the second day of the exhibition (18:30 on the evening of May 29), Changlong Machinery Group held the 2018 Customer Appreciation Dinner at the Linyi Hotel for [Thanks for Your Future Together".ChangLong Machine Group.Stretch Film Machine Industry

Give a toast to drink, and create a brilliant new !ChangLong Machine Group.Stretch Film Machine Industry

More than 100 client of packaging industry entrepreneurs gathered at the scene.
Discuss each other's future market trends in the packaging industry.
Sharing success Experience.CHANGLONGCHANGLONG

At the dinner, Mr. Xu, the chairman of Changlong Machinery Group, and Ms. Sha, the general manager of the company, shared the success Experience with the entrepreneurs in the packaging industry to discuss the development prospects of the cast film industry and the new direction of future cooperation with customers.

Mr. Sha - the general manager of changlong

Mr. Sha said:
In today's "Internet +" era, the era created by this brand, you should be able to follow the trend of the times, the forward-looking vision of the company's long-term development strategy. Make full use of the Internet as a tool to create "Internet + brand", "Internet + marketing", unite as one, let all the good packaging brand enterprises in Linyi out of Shandong, go out of China, go international!
Changlong continues to innovate and upgrade in equipment R&D and manufacturing, and has made progress from Changlong Manufacturing to Changlong Manufacture . High-tech intelligent cast film equipment helps your customers develop bigger and stronger.
Changlong Machinery Group is committed to building world-class cast film equipment and co-creating with employees and partners! Win-win! shared!

Shandong Client Mr Sun Jianyou Share his Experiencethe customer of ChangLong

Mr. Sun said that entering the packaging film industry is a turning point in his life. The current career has greatly changed his life. He will have the current achievements without the help of the good brothers Wang Yougui and Changlong Machinery Group! On this road, Changlong gave him a firm belief and stable and efficient equipment support. In the future, I hope cooperate with Changlong and create brilliant together!

Nanjing Client Mr Yu Qing Share his Experiencethe customer of ChangLong

Mr. Yu said that when he first entered the wrapping film industry in 2012, he chose other companies' cast film equipment. The wrong choice made him pay a high cost. On the occasion of trouble, I am very grateful to meet Changlong! The equipment purchased in 2013 has remained in a stable state of operation. As of the 2m unit signed at this year's exhibition, the company has already owned 3 set Changlong equipment. He also shared two short stories between him and Changlong after-sales, and expressed his appreciation and admiration for Changlong's after-sales service!

The exhibition ended successfully. Thank you for your come. Thanks to the friends of the ceremonial state, Shandong Linyi, for their hospitality to Changlong! Looking forward to meeting again!

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